Onboarding with Zinrelo- Simplified through customer onboarding process flow chart

This article describes a client onboarding process and contains the necessary information.

Welcome on board!

Zinrelo is very excited to have you as a part of its family.

Customer onboarding process flow chart

Your CSM will be responsible to walk you through the customer onboarding process flowchart. As you will now use Zinrelo on a frequent basis, we want to share the below material with you which will help you learn more about the system:

Zinrelo is divided into various modules:

Program Structure Design

The first step to starting with Zinrelo is to create the structure for the activities, rewards, tiers, and expiration settings. This article will explain you how to get started with program structure design.

Program UX Design

Loyalty programs don’t work in isolation. The most successful programs are seamlessly embedded in the business operations. Customers should interact with the loyalty program in the course of their regular interactions with the business. Defining the right user experience is as important to the success of the program as the design of the program itself.

The UX decisions around a loyalty program can be broken down into three categories.

  • Enrollment experience
  • Points earning experience
  • Redemption experience

For a detailed understanding of program design, refer to this article.


Zinrelo has integrated with a few vendors to make it easy for you to connect our systems and work seamlessly. Know more about integration.

Supported eCommerce Platforms

Marketing Automation Tools:

Review Platforms:

Read this article to know the 5-step process of integrating the Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform to your business.


This section of the article will help you to understand, how you can configure your loyalty program for seamless operation. This module is divided into different sections:

Program Settings:

Design your own customized loyalty program. Define which activities would you like your members to perform that will benefit your business + define rewards that would suit your budget.


When you design your loyalty program, you would want to also engage your loyalty members as much as possible. You can design and decide when you want to display a notification.


You would want to make sure that the end-user experience is great. Understand how you can design your dashboard.

Administrator Settings:

This is purely for internal use. You can manage your team and their access to Zinrelo.


Before the launch of the product, it is highly recommended to do pre-launch testing to avoid any common mistakes. Refer to this article for pre-launch checklists.

After all the testing, you can add members to your loyalty program. Understand how you set up their enrollment and perform actions on their profile.

To add new admin to the loyalty program, refer to this article.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to [email protected].