Preview Mode

After completing the setup, you can preview the program before launch.

After you are done with program setup, you may want to preview the program before you launch to see for yourself how your customers will interact with the program.

Note: The Preview function only works if the integration has been completed.

Preview function

How to use the Preview function?

You can start the Preview mode by clicking on the Preview button on the home screen or in the left navigation panel. This will open up your website in a new tab. On our website you will be able to see and interact with the rewards program. This will be visible only to you and not to other visitors who land on your site.

  • You should go through these basic checks to preview the program -
  • Create a new account on your website and verify that you are signed up for the loyalty program.
  • Review the look and feel of the loyalty dashboard once signed in. Do check the earning activities and rewards tabs as well.
  • Make a purchase and verify that you get points for the purchase.
  • Check other buttons or links about the program that you have added to your website.

Note: The Preview function does not enable complete end to end testing. It will only allow you to interact with the program on the website. The objective is to preview what your customers will see on the website. Scheduled tasks like birthday bonus and batch uploads will work only when the program is active.

How does the Preview Mode work?

When you enable the Preview mode, a cookie is dropped in the browser which detects that the user is in preview mode and displays the program. The preview mode is enabled only for that session. If you close the browser and want to preview again, you have to initiate the preview using the Preview buttons as indicated earlier.