Lightspeed (Vend) POS Integration

Integrate your Lightspeed POS with Zinrelo loyalty program.

Zinrelo has a native integration with Lightspeed. So the primary user experience flows of enrolling members, awarding points, and redeeming points are all possible in the Lightspeed interface itself.

Cashier Experience

Through Lightspeed POS, the cashier enrolls customers in a loyalty program to track their orders and award points. Customers can further redeem their points for a discount during the purchase of their order. Watch the video to know about the cashier experience:

Integration Process

Configuration in the Zinrelo admin console

The Lightspeed extension captures details of the cashier, register and store from which the enrollments, point awards or redemptions happen. In order to store these details in Zinrelo, the program activities and rewards should be configured before integration process.

Configure program activities:

You award points to customers on the basis of the program activities. You can configure multiple program activities for your store and award points to your customers on the basis of the activity they perform. To know more about activities configuration, go to For each activity, you first need to create their corresponding attributes.

Like, if you want to configure Purchase Activity , then you need to first create the following attributes:

  • Cashier_id
  • Store_id
  • Register_id

Configure rewards:

You need to configure the rewards that members will get to redeem their points on. Click here to learn how to configure rewards.

The reward attributes to be created are:

cashier_id_ <Reward ID>
register_id_ <Reward ID>
store_id_ <Reward ID>

So, if you create a new reward and it has the ID "reward_bc668", then the attributes you will create are"

  • cashier_id_reward_bc668
  • register_id_reward_bc668
  • store_id_reward_bc668

Enrolling members:

Once your activities and rewards are configured to your loyalty program, you can add new members and fetch old members details via Lightspeed POS. The member attribute is:

  • Member attributes:
    • Enrollment Store ID

PLEASE NOTE: Creating attributes will be done by Zinrelo. Contact your account manager or write to us at [email protected] to create the necessary attributes for your account.

Install the Extension

Zinrelo’s Lightspeed extension syncs the configuration from the Zinrelo console to the Lightspeed account. So before integrating the platforms, the program must be configured in Zinrelo.

The steps to integrate the Lightspeed POS with Zinrelo Loyalty program are:

Step 1: Go to

Lightspeed (Vend) POS Integration

Step 2: Enter your Vend store url.

store url

Step 3: Login using your Lightspeed account.

vend retail store

Step 4: Click on Connect.

connect to vend

Step 5: Start the integration process. Click on 'Create New Integration'.

loyalty rewards integration

Step 6: Enter Partner ID and API Key. Select the currency from the dropdown.

enter partner id and api key


Please Note: The loyalty store API key will only be visible to administrators with full access.

Step 7: The sync will start.


Note: Each time there is a change in any of the rewards, the configuration must be synced manually.