Configuring Point Expiration

This article will guide you through the point expiration configuration.


Point expiration is a great way to create urgency in your customers and motivate them to buy. But, if you do it wrong, you might end up losing your customers. This article will guide you to configure point expiration with Zinrelo and retain the customer in the best possible way.

But, before we get into its configuration, we should first discuss why setting up point expiration is good for your business.

Why Should Loyalty Points Expire?

Points earned by your customers are a liability in your accounting books. It is good practice to have an expiration policy. Not only does this help to limit the liability, but it also encourages customers to come back and make more purchases. If you have a date when the loyalty point expires, your customers will be motivated to continue purchasing from you so that they don’t lose their hard-earned points.

How can you set up the points expiry?

To set-up point expiration, go to Program Settings >> Point Expiration.

Loyalty points expiration

Follow the steps to configure the loyalty point expiration.


Step 1: Select ‘Point Expiry.’

From the dropdown you can select ‘Never’ or ‘After a certain period of inactivity.’

Point Expiration settings

  • Never: Select this option if you don’t want to set an expiration date for the points.
  • After a certain period of activity: Select this option, if you want to set a timeline for point expiration.

If you select ‘After a certain period of activity’ follow the following steps:

Step 2: Set a time frame in months and days in ‘Expire Points After.’

Set up a time frame in months and days as to when you want the point to expire. If the customer doesn’t perform any activity in the set time period, his points will expire.

Point Expiration

Step 3: Determine which activity or activities will keep the account active.

You can select one or multiple activities that will keep the customer's account active. As long as the customer performs one of the selected activities, the account is considered active and points will not expire.


Note: Each time the customer does one of the selected activities, the expiration date is reset.

Step 4: Configure email reminders

Customers will get notified through emails about their point expiration. You can trigger a reminder notification for:

  • 2 days
  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • 30 days

reminder email

Step 5: Click on “Save.”

Text Configuration

You can configure the email text with text configuration. You can choose a language, create an eye-catching subject line, and write body content.

Text Configuration

Please feel free to customize the 'Message for No Expiration' text according to your store's language. Choose your preferred language and make edits within the 'Message for No Expiration' text box.

For more details on email configuration, please refer to the Configuring Email Notifications article.

And, to know about language customization, refer to this document.