Magento Integration

This article will guide through Magento Integration with Zinrelo.


This document will guide you through Magento referral program integration. We will have a detailed understanding of installing Magento extension to get started with Zinrelo rewards program quickly.

This extension for Magento renders the loyalty dashboard to members, it automatically tracks orders placed and returned on the Magento store and awards or deducts points accordingly.

Magento referral program integration

Installation steps

Install via Composer

  1. Go to
marketplace extension
  1. From the "Edition" dropdown, select the required edition.
  2. From the "Your store version" dropdown, select "2.4 (Open Source (CE))."
  3. Click "Add to Cart" and then "Proceed to Checkout."
  4. Log in with your credentials.
magento integration
  1. Enter all required details and then click "Place order."
place order
  1. Click on "Install."
  1. To install the module in your Magento instance, connect to Magento’s command line interface and execute the below commands at Magento’s root directory.

composer require zinrelo/extension
php bin/magento module:enable Zinrelo_LoyaltyRewards
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Install using zip file

  1. Download the latest version of the module from our git repository.
  2. Once you have the zip, got to magento’s root directory and create below
    directory. app/code/Zinrelo/LoyaltyRewards
  3. Extract the zip file into this directory.
  4. Execute below commands:

composer require firebase/php-jwt
php bin/magento module:enable Zinrelo_LoyaltyRewards
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Admin configuration

After successful installation, login to your Magento admin panel and navigate to the Stores>> Configuration>> Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards>> Zinrelo Settings for configuration.

admin configuration
  • Enable the loyalty rewards module: The admin can enable or disable the module by selecting Yes or No respectively. Enable module to make working Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards functionality. If disabled, then the module functionalities will not work.
  • Add Partner id: Enter a valid Partner ID for the API authentication. To get Partner ID, refer the url.
  • Add API Key: Enter a valid API Key for the API authentication. To get Partner ID, refer the url.
  • Webhook URL: Specify the Webhook URL to send the Event API request.

Note: The webhook url will be shared by Zinrelo. Contact your account manager for the webhook url.

  • Enable reward points text on product pages: Select “Yes” from the drop-down to enable the display of Reward points at product detail page.
  • Reward points text on product pages: Define a label for the Reward Points to show at product detail page. Add the {{EARN_POINT}} variable where you want to show the points.
  • Enable in-cart redemption: Select “Yes” from the drop-down to enable the view Reward list on the cart page.
  • In-cart redemption text: Define the label for the reward point drop-down field to show at cart page. Add the {{AVAILABLE_POINTS}} variable where you want to show points.
  • Free Shipping Reward Label: Define the label for the Free Shipping Method to show.
  • Reward Events: Select the events from the list to send request to Zinrelo when that Event is called at Magento. When the event will be fired then a log will be generated for request-response data and it will help in tracking the fired event data.
  • Cart session timeout: Enter the time in minutes that will be considered to reject pending reward point for abandoned cart and send abandoned cart requests.

Note: Make sure you add webhook URL provided by your account manager.

Once you are done will configuration, click on "Save Config."

Front view

Once you are done with admin configuration, go to your website. There you will see a Rewards Program button at the bottom corner of every front store page.

Rewards Program

If you have enabled "Enable reward points text on product pages" in admin configuration, your members will see a text showing how many points they will earn if they place an order.

Reward Points

In-cart functionality

To enable in-cart functionality in your store, enable the given button in the Magento admin settings:

in-cart functionality

This extension allows the member to redeem reward points and get different types of discounts on various occasions. There are 4 types of rewards available for the redeem.

  • Product Redemption
  • Fixed Amount Discount
  • Percentage Discount
  • Free Shipping

From the four rules listed above, members can choose to redeem one reward and get a discount based on the criteria and conditions set for that reward. If the member doesn't have enough points or has wrong authentication information, the rules won't show up in the drop-down menu. Also, members can cancel a reward they've already claimed and claim it again if they want to.

Note: The rewards will be available to registered customers only.

How rewards function

  • Product Redemption: When selected, the member will get the free product in his cart and can complete his order with the excluded price of the free product in the order subtotal.
Product redemption

Note: Make sure the requested free product exists in the Magento store; otherwise, this reward will not be applied.

No free products available
  • Free Shipping: When selected, the member will not be charged any shipping charges.
free shipping
  • Fixed Amount Discount: When selected, the member will get a fixed discount on the order subtotal.
fixed amount discount
  • Percentage Discount: When selected, the member will get some percent off applied to his order subtotal.
percentage discount

Please Note:

  1. You can look at the subtotal and grand total of the order to see how the discount was used. It will be reflected in the order, invoice, and refund. Also, you will get the discount details in the invoice, credit memo, and order print page.
  1. The applied reward and managed discount will also be available to admin for the review. Admin can view that applied reward discount in the order view and the managed discount in the order subtotal.
product order


The help document provides instructions for integrating Zinrelo's loyalty rewards program with the Magento e-commerce platform. It involves installing the Zinrelo extension from the Magento Marketplace and then configuring it to customize the appearance and behavior of the loyalty program. This includes adding loyalty program widgets to store pages to display rewards and encourage customer engagement. Overall, the integration is designed to help businesses incentivize and retain customers through a comprehensive loyalty program.