Introduction to the Zinrelo Loyalty Stack

Zinrelo’s loyalty stack has multiple components designed to deliver a great experience to the members in the program. Members are at the heart of a loyalty program and all the program components are designed keeping the members in mind.

The components of Zinrelo loyalty program can be classified into the following categories:

Components of Zinrelo Loyalty Stack

The following sections give an overview of the components of loyalty program in each category and the customization options for those components.


In Zinrelo, points earning opportunities are termed as activities. These are the actions that you want to encourage your members to perform.

  • Built-in activities:
    Zinrelo has many activities built into the platform. These can be enabled for members without additional integration. To know more, click here.
  • Custom activities:
    Beyond the built-in activities, there may be actions that are unique to your business that you want your members to perform. To award points for such actions, you can also create custom activities. Know more about custom activities here.


The benefits that members can avail through the loyalty program are termed as ‘Rewards’.

Built-in rewards:
Zinrelo supports the following reward types out of the box:

  • Coupon based rewards: These could be discount coupons, free shipping or free product coupons.
  • Product rewards: Products can be added to the cart from the loyalty dashboard. Members can purchase the products for free or for a discounted price. Know more.
  • 3rd party gift cards: Zinrelo has integrations with some 3rd party providers that can enable your customers to redeem gift cards for loyalty points. Some of the supported gift cards are Banana Republic gift card, Barnes & Noble card, Amazon Gift card, and many more.
  • Product catalog: Zinrelo has partnered with some fulfillment vendors to create a list of branded products that you can offer through the loyalty program.
  • Charity donations: Zinrelo has partnered with certain charities to enable your members to convert their loyalty points into equivalent charitable donations. Zinrelo manages the entire transaction cycle for these donations.

Custom rewards:
Zinrelo’s APIs and webhooks allow you to create your own rewards for members. Some examples of custom rewards include:

  • Automatic discounts on transactions: Instead of initiating the redemption process from the loyalty dashboard, members can avail the discoount directly in the transaction process. To know more about this discount, click here.
  • Experiential rewards: Rewards such as free tickets to an event or priority service for members fall in this category. For the fulfillment of such rewards, the program needs to integrate with business processes at your end.
  • Flexi redemptions: Instead of asking members to choose from a fixed set of rewards, loyalty points can be used as a currency and members can redeem any number of points they have from their account for a corresponding discount on their transactions. Know more about flexible rewards.

Interaction components

The interaction components enable members to interact with the program.

Built-in interaction components:

  • End user dashboard: This is the primary interface for the members with the loyalty program. Members can view their loyalty transactions, earning opportunities and eligible rewards in this interface.

Notification widget: The widget provides a way to bring up the loyalty dashboard.

  • Surveys: Survey forms can be used to capture member feedback or any information required for loyalty transactions.

Custom interaction components-

  • Embedded UI buttons: Any element of the webpage can be set up as a button/ link that enables members to navigate to a particular part of the loyalty dashboard.
  • Embedded rewards: Apart from the loyalty dashboard, custom interaction components can be created at customer touch points using which members can initiate reward redemptions. One such implementation is in-cart rewards where the rewards are presented on the cart or checkout page.

Personalization components

Personalized experiences can set loyalty programs apart. Zinrelo has multiple components that enable personalization.

Built in personalization components:

  • Tiers: Tiers are a way of segmenting customers based on the points that they earn. The earning opportunities, rewards and communication can be personalized based on the member tiers.
  • Points expiration: Points expiration is also a form of personalization. It is an experience defined for members based on their points expiration date. Each member may have a different date for points expiry. Click here to know about point expiration and how you can use it to retain members.
  • Rules engine: The concept of personalization is central to Zinrelo’s rule engine. You can create personalized rules for activities as well as rewards. These rules could be based on the member attributes or the transaction attributes. Know more about managing business rules.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns expand on the rule engine component and provide a framework for notifying customers about the personalized rules and help to automate promotions. Know more about campaigns and its configuration.
  • Language: Zinrelo allows you to set up a multilingual loyalty program where members see all communication in a language of their choice.

Customized personalization components:
All the built-in personalization components make use of member and transaction attributes to define a unique experience for members. Zinrelo has defined a framework for each of the components. It is recommended to use these built-in components for the most part. However, if your business has some unique requirement which cannot be met by the built-in components, you can create custom personalization components.

An example of custom components is custom tiers. If your rules for tiers need to be based on more than points earned, you can set up a custom program where a member attribute called ‘Tier’ is updated based on the custom rules that you define.


Notifications are important to keep members apprised about their rewards account and nudge them to engage with the program.

Built-in notifications:

  • Triggered emails: Zinrelo has the ability to send out customized emails on predefined triggers such as points earned or redeemed by members. Check the complete list of built-in triggers here.
  • Campaign emails: Campaigns enable you to set up personalized rewards for members and set up a series of emails communicating the offer.
  • Onsite notifications

Custom notifications:

  • Email workflows: You can create custom email workflows using your email marketing tool and use events from the loyalty program to trigger those workflows. This will require an integration between Zinrelo and your email marketing tool.
  • SMS notifications/ Push notifications: Just like emails, triggered and campaign notifications can be sent via SMS or push notifications too using Zinrelo’s webhooks.

Admin functions

Zinrelo has some modules to help program administrators manage the program effectively.

  • Member management: One of the core administrative functions in a loyalty program is managing the members. Member management involves updating member profiles, awarding or redeeming points manually, verifying transactions. Zinrelo provides an interface for administrators to perform all these tasks. This module is often used by customer service teams.
  • Audit logs: When customer service teams have the opportunity to manually award points to members and redeem points on their behalf, an audit trail is necessary to have accountability for all manual transactions.
  • Reports: Business teams need reports to track program performance. Zinrelo provides built-in reports as well as customized reports.