Awarding Points for Bazaarvoice Reviews

Award points for bazaarvoice reviews.

If you are using Bazaarvoice for reviews, you can award points for approved reviews submitted by loyalty members without any integration. Zinrelo has integration with Bazaarvoice where we fetch the approved reviews from Bazaarvoice each day and award points to the customers who wrote them.

To enable this, go to the Write a Review activity in Program Settings >> Activities.
Select "Bazaarvoice" in the Review Provider dropdown.

Bazaarvoice ReviewsBazaarvoice Reviews

You will have to ask your Bazaarvoice contact to enable the SFTP for you. Once this is done, you can fill in the other required fields.

Sample SFTP details:
Bazaarvoice SFTP host:
Bazaarvoice SFTP username: Zinrelo
Bazaarvoice SFTP password: pswd111
Bazaarvoice SFTP directory: feeds ( This is the default directory. You can change the directory but that should still be in the home directory. Do not give the path for a sub-directory)

Bazaarvoice SFTP File Name format:
(The actual filename will look like bv_zinrelo_incremental_standard_client_feed_20180530.xml.gz)