Tiers Configuration

This document explains how the program tiers are to be configured in the Zinrelo admin console.

What are Tiers?

Tiers can be explained as levels of your loyalty program. You will find a variety of behavior in your business. Zinrelo gives you the ability to define those levels and reward certain segregated audiences with special rewards.

For example, the member who spends $2000 in one month, you want to add them to the Gold tier and provide non-monetary benefits like the first preview of new arrivals, a letter from the CEO, newsletters, etc, which will make your members feel extra special.

How can I set up a tier?

Go to Program Settings >> Tiers >> Manage tiers


Life Time Tier - In this tier type, there is no restriction on the time available to a member to earn the points required for a tier upgrade. Furthermore, once that tier is attained, the member is never downgraded to a lower tier. Hence the name ‘Lifetime tier’.

Period based Tier – In this tier type, the member needs to earn a certain number of points in each calculation cycle to upgrade or maintain their tier. Upgrades are processed instantly whereas downgrades are done at the beginning of the next cycle. For the period based option you need to define the cycle duration and the starting month for the cycle.

  • Qualification Criteria: The qualification is only based on points.
  • Activities qualifying for Tier upgrade: You can select activities that you want to define as a qualifying activity for a member's tier upgrade.

Example: if member earns 5000 points via Purchase on Website and Social Sharing then upgrade to Gold tier.

Tiers Configuration

Manage Tiers:

You can design each tier based on your requirements.

platinum tier configuration
  • Minimum Qualified Points: These are the qualified points required to upgrade to the tier. The base tier will be set at zero points.
  • Tier Rewards: All the redemption rewards that you have set up in your program will show up here. You can select which of those rewards should be visible to members of the given tier.

To know about language customization, refer to this document.

Please Note:

  1. Updating the tier configuration does not force a tier refresh of all existing members in the program. When members perform qualifying activities, the tiers are updated as per the configuration. Contact [email protected] if you wish to refresh the tiers of all members based on new configuration settings.
warning message
  1. If tiers are enabled, it is mandatory to have a tier at 0 points. So you cannot pause the base tier. Contact [email protected] if you wish to disable tiers after activating them.

How can I set up a separate point multiplier for different user tiers?

Go to Activities >> Select an activity ( ex:purchase on website) >> Edit >> Manage rules

You can create various nested rules based on your requirement. Each activity has different types of rules.

Note: To change the default rule value, click on the “Edit” button and update the value.

default rule

Default rule points define the number of points the member will be awarded per dollar spent. For example: You set up 10 points per dollar spent and the member makes a purchase of $100 dollars. He will be awarded 1000 points.

How tier calculation cycle works?

Tier Upgrade

The member's tier is upgraded based on the tier qualification points acquired through qualifying activities.

Tiers are upgraded on the basis of earned points and qualifying activities. To move up a tier, you must choose from a list of activities for which a member will earn points and qualify for a tier upgrade.

tier activities

Suppose for the Gold tier, the tier qualification point is set as 1000. A member performs the "Refer a Friend" activity and earns 1000 points. But his tier is not upgraded, as this activity is not eligible for tier upgrades. Hence, the points gained will not be taken into account for tier upgrade. His earned points will be 1000, but he will be on the same tier. No upgrade will take place.

Tier Downgrade

In period based tier, a customer can be downgraded to the lower tier when:

The tier period ends- At the start of the next tier cycle, the spending and earning activities of the member will be calculated. If he has not spent or earned enough points to be on the higher tier in the next cycle, then his tier will be downgraded. If the member is already in the lower tier, no change will take place.

Return/ deduction takes place- A member was upgraded to the higher tier on the basis of the qualifying points he earned via purchase. And if he returns the product for any reason, a return or deduction occurs. In that case, his earned points will be deducted, and he will be moved to the lower tier.

Every tier is calculated at the beginning of the next tier cycle.

Note: There is no downgrade in lifetime tier.