Admin Settings

This article describes all the available admin settings within Zinrelo.

Who is an admin?

Admin is the user who will use the Zinrelo admin console to manage the loyalty program settings. The admin can add more users who would need access to the system. Example: the support team of your company.

How can I add a new admin to the system?

Go to: General >> Add administrator >> Click on Add >> Enter details.

Admin Settings

Here you can provide limited access or full access to the admin.

Full Access Admin

The admin will have access to all the settings and functionalities in the console. They can make any changes to the member profile. Add or deduct points, redeem rewards, upgrade tiers, etc.

Note: Only full access admin can add admins.


Please Note: The API key will only be visible to administrators with full access.

How to access API key?

To access the API key, click on the hyperlinked text called "View API Key."

Upon clicking the text, a password screen will popup. Enter the password and click "Confirm."

view api key

Afterwards, the API key will become visible.

Points to be noted:

  • The API key will be hidden after 5 minutes or when you refresh the page.

  • For users on Shopify, BigCommerce, and those using Single Sign-On (SSO), the password popup will be bypassed, and they will directly view the API key if they have the right authentication.

Limited Access Admin

The admin will have access to only specific modules that you select. Example: If you select members, the user will have access to all member activities like awarding points.

Admin Settings

Can I track an admin's activity?

Go to: General >> Audit Trail.

Admin Settings

You can select a time period for which you would like to see the audit trail. It will give you the details of what changes were made to which member. This trail is mainly to track your member profile changes.

You can additionally also download these audit trails.