TurnTo Integration


Zinrelo has seamlessly integrated with TurnTo, a customer-generated content platform that enhances businesses' online shopping experiences by collecting and displaying user-generated content such as reviews, Q&A, and photos. Their platform is designed to engage customers, build trust, and drive sales by leveraging authentic user-generated content.

With this integration, Zinrelo will be able to track all customer reviews published in TurnTo platform and award points accordingly.

Integration Process

The integration with TurnTo involves specific steps to ensure a smooth setup:

  1. Request the Webhook URL from Zinrelo: Contact your account manager at [email protected] to obtain the webhook URL.
  2. Share the URL to Turnto: Provide the obtained URL to the TurnTo team, instructing them to implement the "HTTP BASIC" authorization method as explained in TurnTo's "Security and Privacy" documentation section.
  3. Enable webhook event and entityType at TurnTo: Request TurnTo team to enable the “Publish” event for the “Review” entityType.

Following this setup, please let the Zinrelo team know, remaining integration steps will be handled from our end.


Please Note:

  • Real-time Points Allocation: Points will be awarded in real-time. Upon receiving a webhook from TurnTo, Zinrelo promptly awards points to customers.
  • Criteria for Points Allocation: The basis for awarding points will depend on the email address or external_id. You must specify which criterion should be considered.

How does this function?

Zinrelo utilizes TurnTo webhook notifications to award points to customers. We specifically listen for the 'Publish' event within the 'Review' entityType to allocate points for review submissions.


Note: Points will be awarded upon the publication of reviews with this setup.

The webhook event we monitor is

webhook event

Webhook payload:

webhook payload

Upon receiving the necessary criteria (email address or external_id), we promptly proceed to allocate points to the respective customer.