Introduction to Batch Mode Integration

This article will help you understand how the batch mode integration works.


Batch Mode Processing is a convenient way to integrate custom activities or purchase activities that are performed offline, for example, an in-store purchase via Point-of-Sale (POS) system. All loyalty activity files in the designated CSV format can be uploaded in a specified format to an FTP server setup for you. Zinrelo will process all uploaded files starting at approximately 12 midnight US Pacific time at the end of each day.

Batch Mode Integration flow chart

All loyalty activities are passed through a business rules engine to apply the rules relevant to that activity. For example, if 5X points are to be awarded for every dollar of purchase, the 5X business rule will be applied to each purchase imported from the batch upload. This information is sent to the Loyalty Rewards engine which processes the points. Loyalty members are notified by email about points earned within 24 hours after the uploaded file is processed.

FTP Location

The FTP location and the access credentials to upload your files can be found in the ‘General’ tab of your admin console.

Batch Mode Integration

Alternatively, you can also upload a .CSV file in the console itself. Before processing the file a validation check will run at our end and we'll let you know the status of the file. If it has some errors, you will be notified about the same and also in case if it is processed successfully.

Batch Mode Upload

There are two types of loyalty activities that can be uploaded via Batch Mode:

  • Offline Purchase/Return Activities (e.g. Purchases/Returns Point-of-Sale or via Telephone)
  • Offline Custom Activities (e.g. Points for entering a store, Points for running 10K, etc.)

Awarding/ Deducting Points for Offline Purchases/Returns

To award points for any offline purchase/return activity, you must upload the Purchase/ Return Activity file in CSV format.

This file contains a list of all purchase transactions and/or return transactions with the order details necessary to award points for purchases or deduct points for returns. File Naming Convention: ZN_DAILY_TRANSACTIONS_YYYYMMDD.csv.

Note: The mandatory fields for batch file upload are:

  • Order timestamp
  • Order ID
  • Order type
  • Order total
  • Order subtotal
  • User name
  • User email
  • Client id (can be same as email)

Rest of the headers should be there on the file (even if no data is added).

For details about these files, and to download sample files, visit page Purchase Activity Integration via Batch Mode.

Awarding Points for Offline Custom Activities

Awarding points for any offline custom activity other than purchase can be done by grouping all such activities into a common file in CSV format.

This file contains details about each custom offline activity, other than purchases, for which points are to be awarded. This file will contain activity IDs. A pre-requisite is that a custom activity corresponding to each activity ID has been configured and made live in the Zinrelo console. The activity ID will be used to associate the award transaction with an activity. Points will be awarded based on the rules configured in the Zinrelo Admin Console. File Naming Convention: ZN_ACTIVITY_YYYYMMDD.csv

For details about this file, and to download a sample file, visit page Custom Activity Integration via Batch Mode.