Reward Rules

You can set business rules on rewards on the basis of Redemption Frequency, Transaction and Member Attributes.

To set rules of rewards go to Program Settings>> Rewards>> Select the rewards you want to configure>> Manage Rules.

Rules based personalization

Note: To know how to configure the program rewards, click here.

Use Cases

Use Case 1- If available points<10, frequency>10 in a day and frequency>100 in a month. In this case, you can use the "match any" condition and set multiple frequencies for a day and a month.

Rules based personalization

Use Case 2- A one-time ‘Gold Tier Welcome’ reward has been configured. Members are able to redeem this reward when they upgrade to the Gold tier. However, this reward is available for redemption only once. So after a member has redeemed this reward, the reward should be hidden from that member.

For this use case, two rules have to be set. First, hide the reward from Platinum and Silver tiers, as this reward is only for Gold tier members. Second, you have to set redemption frequency.

Rules based personalization

Use Case 3- The loyalty program caters to both B2B and B2C members. The type of member is identified at the time of enrollment and the attribute ‘membership type’ is updated with the appropriate value. B2B members should not see the discount rewards offered to B2C members.

Rules based personalization

Use Case 4- To run a successful promotion, members in the loyalty program have been assigned different tags. Members with the tag "Redemption Made" should not see the discount rewards.

Rules based personalization


Please Note:

Please ensure that you enter the category names without using apostrophes or special characters. The category name should be entered exactly as it is, without any special characters.