Import Members into the Loyalty Program

This article contains information about the procedure to import new members to your loyalty program or to update attributes for any of the existing loyalty members.



  • If you have enabled member information sync with Listrak or Bronto, please note that the information of members imported using this functionality will not be synced. However, the updates occurring henceforth to loyalty points information will be synced seamlessly.
    • If you have implemented ‘Webhook’ for receiving event updates from Zinrelo, please note that webhook events for the bulk import of members will not be posted to your webhook URL. However, the updates occurring henceforth will be posted to the webhook URL.

If you wish the CRM information to sync, or the webhook to post events to happen for bulk member import, please contact Zinrelo Customer Support at [email protected] to discuss the alternatives.

Importing members into the program or updating the attributes of existing members is a simple process:

  • Download the sample CSV file from the Members section.
  • Add the member details to this CSV as per the format specified in the sample CSV.
  • Upload the file.
  • Wait for Zinrelo to run a validation scan.
  • Receive a confirmation email after the import is complete.
  1. Download the sample CSV file from the Members Section

Log into your Zinrelo admin account and navigate to the Members tab as shown in the image below.

Import Members

On the Members page, you will see a button - Import Members. Click on it to open the interface to import members.

Import Members

Click on the link shown in the image above to download the sample CSV file.

  1. Add the member details to this CSV as per the format specified in the sample CSV

The sample file contains the columns expected by the member import process. Here is a snapshot of an example record that needs to be imported.

Import Members

Add user records that you are going to import into ZInrelo to this file with the right values going into their respective columns.



At this moment, Zinrelo can only process 100,000 records in one file. If you have more than 100,000 users, please break it down into multiple files with a maximum of 100,000 records in each file.

Below is an explanation for each of the columns:

Import Members

Important note:

  • Please note that you can use the member import functionality to update the following fields for existing members - add user_name, user_status, user_phone, tags, date_of_birth.
  • ‘Points balance’ will not be updated for existing users. If you specify the points_balance value for a record that already exists in Zinrelo, the process will simply ignore this value and update the rest of the values.*
  1. Upload the file
  • Once you are ready with the file, click on the upload button and browse and select the file you wish to upload.
  • After you upload the file, the button “Validate File and Import” will become active.

Import Members

  • Enable the flag - Award points for account creation - if you wish to award points to the imported users for “account creation” activity. Please check the settings of the Account Creation activity under Program settings > Activities > Account Creation.

  • Send Welcome email: You can select if you wish to send a welcome email to the imported members or not. The send email flag from the member import functionality will override the notification enabled/disabled state from the notification section)

  • Enable the flag - Assign Tiers to users based on their points - if you wish to drop the imported users in their respective tiers according to the points specified in the pointsbalance column. This flag will be visible only if you have opted to have a Tier based loyalty program. Please check your tier settings under **_Program settings > Tiers**.

  • Click on “Validate File and Import” to schedule the import job.

  1. Wait for Zinrelo to run a validation scan
  • Zinrelo will run a basic validation scan on the file. During this process, Zinrelo scans the entire file to run some checks. This may take a few seconds.
  • If Zinrelo finds any of the columns missing or invalid values, an error popup will be shown. You will need to rectify the errors and do a fresh upload.
  • If Zinrelo finds any non-fatal issues with the file, a popup will be shown with warnings and an option to “Continue” in spite of warnings or “Cancel”. Clicking on Continue will schedule the import job.
  • If there are no errors or warnings during the scan, the import job will be scheduled. You will see an entry for your import job in the “Status” table below with the status - Scheduled

Import Members

  1. Receive a confirmation email after the import is complete.

After the import job is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the import job.

Import Members

On the Zinrelo admin console, you can also click on the “Completed” button in the Status column under Members > Import Members to check the details of the completed import job.

Import Members