How to Create a New Zinrelo Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Setup Wizard is designed in a way to guide you towards a quick launch. You will find this video helpful while going through it:

Once you login, there are several steps involved in the setup wizard:

  • Basic details about your website.
  • Selecting your pricing plan.
  • Few input from your side so that we recommend a program structure for you with the help of some well chosen defaults. This is based on best practices that we have learned over time while designing numerous programs for our customers.
  • Based on step 3, a set of activities will be recommended which you should award points for. You can enable or disable any of them as per your wish or change the number of points.
  • You will now be asked to setup Rewards that your users will earn through the program. As usual, Zinrelo's recommendations will be shown by default.
  • Finally, you will be asked to select a color theme for your User Dashboard. You can always go ahead and use custom colors once the setup wizard is completed.

NOTE: You can update all these details at any given point in time from the Zinrelo Admin Console after completing the setup wizard.