How can we use the API to verify coupon codes and ultimatly redeem them?

We've got our rewards setup with generated coupon codes but need a way to verify the coupon codes at checkout. The API does not seem to return a list of coupon codes applied to a current reward.

Award Points API product_price

Should product_price be multiplied by the quantity?

Award Points API approval_date

How far into the future to you recommend for the automatic approval for awards given through the API? Hours? A day? Thanks.

Bulk Delete Members

How do I upload a file to delete members? I don't want to have to go through and individually delete them.

What will happen to my existing review?

Does Zinrelo fetch the historical reviews as well to award points to the customers?

Can I track an admin's activity?

How can I track admin's activities/actions on Zinrelo admin portal?

My website does not have 'create an account' option!

My website does not have 'create an account' option? Does Zinrelo provide the interface for that?

Custom activity.

I have created a custom activity which actually will be performed in a different place. I want to call it out in the loyalty dashboard and provide a link to customers where they can actually go and perform the activity. How can I make an activity title clickable?

How would I know that the number of coupon codes is running low?


Multi-language support

Do you guys provide a multi-lingual loyalty program? How does system select the language?