I need interval_thresold_in_days documentation

Please give me all documentation with interval_thresold_in_days

Is there any way to retrieve or access the old email address?

We need the old email ID to ensure the necessary points are added to the member's account. Can you please help us retrieve the old email addresses?

How can our customers review they're reward points?

The reward points are not showing on our website. Customers are having issues viewing they're points.

At what point do the order details begin to appear in the Zinrelo admin console?

The order details for some members were added to the admin console, and I can view all the information except for the uploaded images. Can you assist me with this issue?

Pass pending status to award transaction

How can I pass approve status to <https://api.zinrelo.com/v2/loyalty/transactions/award> endpoint? I'm currently getting status 400: {"reason": "The input field u'status' was not expected.", "error_code": "INVALID_REQUEST_PARAMETER_VALUES", "success": false}

Methods of awarding points to the members

What methods are there for awarding points to loyalty members? How does Zinrelo's moderation process work?

Magento 2 zinrelo extension

Hi, We are using zinrelo extension on our Magento 2 website. But when we are upgrading extension it is giving error with db_schema.xml file while running commands. Element 'column', attribute 'identity': The attribute 'identity' is not allowed. Line: 4 Element 'column', attribute 'default': The attribute 'default' is not allowed. Line: 5 Magento version 2.4.2-p2 Extension URL - https://marketplace.magento.com/zinrelo-extension.html Version - 1.0.9 Could you please check and let us know?

Purchase Activity in Batch Mode

When submitting a batch mode file for Purchase/Return Activity, I assume this should only contain any new transactions that haven't been previously submitted? If a previously submitted transaction were accidentally re-submitted, would the system award the points again? Thank you

How to hide the confrm and cancel button from EUD?

I only want to display the reward to customers and not give them an option to confirm and redeem it. How can I do that?

How can we use the API to verify coupon codes and ultimatly redeem them?

We've got our rewards setup with generated coupon codes but need a way to verify the coupon codes at checkout. The API does not seem to return a list of coupon codes applied to a current reward.