Processing Order Returns

The loyalty program will award points for purchases. However, when customers cancel or return an order, they should not earn points for that order. Zinrelo has a way of handling returns. This video will explain the process of handling returns.

The purchase activity settings must be changed so customers are awarded points immediately after purchase. Instead, points will be kept in a 'pending status till the return period is completed.

After this duration, points will be auto-approved by the system. If within this period, a customer returns an order, the pending transaction can be rejected so the customer does not get points for the returned order.

There are 3 ways to reject a purchase transaction in the system:

  • Manual: All pending transactions will show up in the 'Moderation' tab in the Zinrelo admin console. The admin can manually search for a particular customer's order and reject that.
  • Using the API: When a returned order is captured in the system, make an API call to Zinrelo to reject that transaction in the loyalty program. The technical API document with sample codes has been uploaded at
    To process returns, the admin needs to hit the Create a Return API endpoint.

Please Note: To make an API call, it is mandatory to pass either order_id or returned_amount in the transcation attributes. In case of partial return, you have to pass order_id with product_id (the product for which the point has to adjusted).

  • Batch Mode: If making an API call from the system is not possible, then consolidate all returned orders in a day in a single file and upload that to Zinrelo's FTP. This process of the daily FTP upload can be automated. When Zinrelo processes the file at the end of the day, all returned orders will be rejected from the program.

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