Enrolling members to the loyalty program

This document will guide you through different ways of enrolling members into the loyalty program.

Members are the core component of the loyalty program. Hence, their enrollment in the loyalty program should be smooth and effortless.

Zinrelo provides you with three different ways of enrolling members in the program.

Infographic showing ways of enrolling members in the program

The use of these ways depends on the source of information from which it is coming.

Website Enrollment

Website enrollment: You can enroll members through the website:

API: You can use our Create a Loyalty Member API to enroll the member. For this API, member id is mandatory, which can be "Customer ID", "GUID", "Email Address," or "Phone Number." Also, you can pass custom attributes provided those attributes are first defined in the admin console.

JavaScript: You can use the basic integration and authentication snippets to enroll the members. It passes the information of the user logged-in on your website to Zinrelo, so that Zinrelo can authenticate the user, initiate a session and log the user into the loyalty program. A customized basic integration and authentication code snippet for your account is available in your Zinrelo Admin Console in the ‘General’ tab under ‘Integration’.

Note: It is strongly advised to enroll the member in the program automatically. But, if you have disabled the auto-enrollment, contact [email protected].

Store Enrollment

Store enrollment: When you are enrolling any member in store, you can try:

Manual enrollment: You can manually enroll members in the program.

File/ Import member: You can import the list of members you want to enroll into the program through a .csv file. The process is bulleted below:

  • Download the sample CSV file from the Members' section.
  • Add the member details to this CSV as per the format specified in the sample CSV.
  • Upload the file.
  • Wait for Zinrelo to run a validation scan.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after the import is completed.

You can also enroll members in the program through batch file integration.

API: You can also enroll the member in the loyalty program via the Create a Loyalty Member API.