Pre-launch Checklist

A checklist to avoid common mistakes made at the time of launch.

Please review all points in this loyalty program pre-launch checklist before launch to avoid common mistakes made while implementing a loyalty program.

loyalty program pre-launch checklist

Text Configuration

All customer facing text in the loyalty program can be customized. Since Zinrelo has defaults in place for all the fields, it is easy to overlook some of them.

  • Activities: Review the text for each activity, particularly the refer a friend and the social sharing activities.
    Note: Information in the shared Facebook posts is picked up from the tags of whichever page customers land on when they click through.
  • Rewards: Update the text configuration fields for each of the rewards.
  • Tiers: The benefits of each tier can be explained in the configuration for the respective tier.
  • Email & On-site Notifications: Check whether the desired notifications are enabled and the text/HTML customized to your brand.
  • End-user Dashboard: Review the default labels and make changes wherever necessary. For details on customizing labels check this document.

URL Updates

If you have set up and tested the program on your staging site, some of the URLs may point to your staging site instead of the production site.

  • In the General >> Settings section, change the Store URL, Store Login & Store Sign-up URLs.
  • In the Program Settings >> Activities >> Refer a friend, check the "Referral Landing URL".
  • Check the link in all your email notifications. If you have used the default variables, the link will be your Store URL. But if you have hard coded the link, you will need to update that.

Program Activities

  • Refer a Friend: If the campaign is set to give friends an incentive, check whether you have uploaded the actual code and not just a test coupon code.
    Likewise, if you are giving a coupon based incentive to referrers, make sure you replace the test coupon codes.
  • Purchase: If you have altered the "approval type" during testing to get points immediately, check that it is corrected before launch.

Program Rewards

  • Delete test codes uploaded in each of the redemption options. All uploaded codes should be valid coupons.

Website call-to-action elements

  • Check the 'Widget & Notification' settings in your Design tab. You may want to hide the default widget but had kept it active during testing.
  • Check all the website buttons & banners to ensure that clicking them brings up the loyalty dashboard and that they are not just placeholders.