Refer a Friend Activity

This article describes how you can award points on member referrals.

How does this activity work?

This activity awards points to referrers when their friends create an account with you and complete a purchase. Here is a video explaining how the activity works:

Configuration Fields

  • Go to Activities >> Refer a friend.

Approval type: You can set the approval of point allocation in different ways. It could be:

  • Immediately

  • Manually (where you manually approve the request)

  • After a fixed duration: You can set up a fixed duration of days after which the point will get approved automatically.

Activity Template for the dashboard: If you select " Visual" the system will let you upload an image of your own that will be displayed on the End-user dashboard.

earn points dashboard

Activity ID: This field cannot be edited for the in-built activities. For custom activities, this field acts as a reference in the API call.

Show activity in User Dashboard: You can opt if you want to display this activity on the End-user dashboard or hide it.

Friend Incentive type:

    1. None: When you do not want to incentivize your referral
    2. Generic Coupon: You can have one generic coupon code with the same settings and distribute it to your referrals. You can choose if you would like it to be fixed dollar or a percentage-based discount 
    3. Single-use coupon: You can keep each coupon code unique for your referrals. In this way, the reuse of coupons will be prevented.

Referral Reward Settings

Reward Frequency: You can define if you want to award your friend on every purchase he makes or on just the first purchase.
Reward type: You can have a mix of rewards based on what you would like to offer your referred friend.

referral settings

Points to reward: You can specify how many points should be awarded to the referred friend.

Email settings

Within this section, you can design your referral templates and notifications that the referral friend will see. You can design the UX based on your requirements.

Pop Up settings

You can design the landing page popup which will be shown when a friend lands on your site using a referral post.

landing page popup

Note: The recommended size for referral pop is width: 340px & height: 456px.

To enable this function, check the "Advanced Refer-a-Friend Interface" checkbox.

advanced refer-a-friend setting

Link Settings

The default referral link will have the Zinrelo domain in it. If you are on the enterprise plan, this link can be customized to your domain. You will need IT to support to set it up.

  1. Create a sub-domain like
  2. Create a CNAME setting in your DNS for your newly configured domain to
  3. Enter the complete URL with the subdomain in the 'Link Settings' of the activity configuration
  1. Contact Zinrelo support ([email protected]) to record this mapping in the Zinrelo system. Once done, the new referral link will start working.

How will the end-user experience be?

Built-in experience:

Built-in experience

Pop-up experience:

Pop-up experience

The member can copy the link or invite other friends using the social sharing options.