Member Management

This document will guide you through managing members in Zinrelo admin console.

The Zinrelo admin console is easy to navigate and highly user friendly for performing any activity. One of its examples is the Loyalty Member Management attribute, which eases the process of managing all members and gives a quick overview of all their activities.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all the features this attribute has and their functionality.

You can view members’ settings in the Zinrelo Admin Console >> Members

Members’ Listing

When you land on the Members page, you will see a list of all members enrolled in your programs with various related operations to perform. With the name and email ID of the members, you can also have a glance at their available points, the time and date they joined the loyalty program, and their user status.

Loyalty Member Management

On the listing page, you can perform several operations related to member management.

Enroll Members

There are two ways of creating members: by importing and adding members. It is discussed below:

enroll member

  • Import- You can import members through a CSV file.
  • Add Members- You can manually add members to the program. For this, you will need their first name, last name, email ID, and member ID.

add member

Filter members for taking bulk actions on filtered segment

You can filter the member list by various in-built attributes like available points, points redeemed, member tags, etc., and on the basis of custom attributes that you create. This will help you to have a view of selected members as per the attributes selected and perform actions on them like deleting, adding tags, and many more.

Member filter

You can block and delete all the members or the members you filtered. You can also tag the filtered members and create customer segments in your program.

Member filter

Note: You can select all the members you have in your program by checking the name box.

select member

Member Search

You can easily search for any particular member by adding his name, email, member ID, or phone number.

Member Search

Note: We support substring matching. For a match, the substring should consist of three or more characters.

You can click on the name of the member if you want a detailed view of each member. This page will have comprehensive information on the points earned, rewards, members’ email id, status, member ID, custom attributes, points details, referral details, deduction history, etc.

member management

And, if the member is created using V1 API, the user_id will also be visible.

You can edit the name, email ID, date of birth, custom attributes and anniversary date. In addition to this, you can also add tags to each member. With tags, you can further filter your members and can use them for sending email notifications, creating campaigns and offering rewards.

Take different actions for each members

You can perform a variety of actions on the member. These actions are detailed below:

Member actions

Email unsubscribe: You have the option of unsubscribing the member from the mailing list.

Email unsubscribe

Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to unsubscribe the member from the email notifications or hit ‘Cancel.’

Delete: You can delete a member from the member list if that member is no longer associated with your loyalty program. However, you can add this member again to the program whenever business demands it.

delete member

Click on ‘Confirm’ you want to delete the member otherwise click on ‘Cancel.’

Block: You can permanently block a member from your loyalty program. Once blocked the member cannot be enrolled again.

block member

Click on ‘Confirm’ you want to block the member otherwise click on ‘Cancel.’

Adjust Points: You can manually adjust- add or deduct the member's points based on his activity.

Adjust Points

Select the action—add or deduct. Select the activity for which the point has to be added or deducted. Add the number of points to be awarded and the reason. Once you fill in all the mandatory fields, click on ‘Save.’

Redeem Points: You can manually redeem the points earned by a member.

Upgrade Tiers: Based on the points earned by the member, you can manually upgrade his tiers.

Upgrade Tiers