Iterable Integration

Send loyalty program emails through your Iterable account.

If you use Iterable for email marketing, you can send loyalty program notifications through Iterable instead of sending those through Zinrelo. Further, you can also use customers’ loyalty data in your regular marketing communication. This article explains how to integrate Zinrelo with Iterable.

Integration Overview

This section will give an overview of how the integration works.

Creation of user fields in Iterable

user fields in Iterable

When Zinrelo is connected with Iterable, a new group of user fields are created under the object ‘ZinreloLoyaltyData’. These fields are updated by Zinrelo as and when these values change in the loyalty program. These fields can be used in other marketing emails as well.

The list of user fields created can be viewed in Iterable for each contact.

Data synchronization

After Zinrelo and Iterable apps are connected, every new transaction in the loyalty program triggers a data push to Iterable. Since data is updated after a transaction, only data for members who have any transaction in the program after the integration is set up will be available in Iterable.

Data synchronization

Note: Historic data should be manually uploaded to Iterable at the time of setting up the integration.

There are two categories of data that are synced - Loyalty Data Properties & Event Properties

1. Loyalty Data Properties

These are data properties associated with the contact. As mentioned earlier, these can be found in the ZinreloLoyaltyData object in Iterable. The data fields along with the corresponding name in Iterable can be seen in the 'Loyalty Data Properties' section in the Zinrelo admin console.

Loyalty Data Properties

These fields can be used for other marketing emails as well.

marketing emails

2. Event Properties

Whenever a loyalty event triggers a data sync with Iterable, there are some attributes associated with that event. These values are useful when sending emails related to that event.

As an example, consider the 'Points Earned' event in the loyalty program. Whenever a member earns points, Zinrelo will trigger a data sync with Iterable. If you wish to send out an email to the member about the points earned, you would want to include the points earned for that specific event. This is not a contact property but an event property.

Iterable API Integration

As with loyalty data properties, you can see the list of events and their properties in the 'Event Properties' section in the Zinrelo admin console.

Event properties

Journeys (Formerly Workflow ) setup

Zinrelo’s standard email notifications can be configured in Iterable easily.

workflow triggers

In the ‘Workflow Triggers’ section in the Zinrelo admin, enable the emails that should be sent out from Iterable. Zinrelo will notify Iterable each time one of these events is triggered in the loyalty program. To use this trigger and send the email from Iterable, the Journey needs to be set up in Iterable. For ease of setting up the journey in Iterable, Zinrelo provides ready to use HTML templates which can be copied into the Iterable email template.

Setup Instructions

The integration can be completed in 3 easy steps. Let’s look at these steps in detail.

Step 1: Connect Zinrelo to Iterable

  • Login to your Zinrelo admin account and navigate to the ‘Apps’ section in the “General” menu. Select Iterable and proceed to connect your Iterable account with Zinrelo.
    Apps >> General >> Iterable

  • To proceed with the integration, you first need to generate an API key from Iterable. In your Iterable account, navigate to Integration >> API keys and click on the button to generate a new API key. This key is visible only the first time you generate it. If you lose it, you can always generate a new key in Iterable and use that instead.

Create a new API
  • Use the API key and complete the integration in the Zinrelo admin console. You will see a success message once done.

Step 2: Sync Loyalty Data (Optional)

After the integration is set up, every new transaction in the loyalty program triggers an update in Iterable. The data for new members who perform any transaction is stored in Iterable. But, if you have a long running loyalty program already and wish for all that data to be synced with Iterable, contact your customer success manager at Zinrelo for a csv file with data on existing members. This file can be imported in Iterable as a List.

Step 3: Set up Journeys (formerly Workflows) in Iterable

For every program email that you want to send through Iterable, you need to create a corresponding Journey.

Configure emails in Iterable

Before you can create the required journeys, you first need to create email templates that will be used in the journeys. Zinrelo provides a HTML template, which can be used for setting up the base templates in Iterable. Follow these steps to use Zinrelo’s basic templates to set up the emails in Iterable.

Step 1: Click on 'View default email content' from the email you want to configure from the Zinrelo admin console.

View default email content

Step 2: Once the email pop-up appears, click on the 'Copy Email Content' button.

Copy Email Content

Step 3: Navigate to Content >> Templates in Iterable and create a new template. In the body of the email template, paste the copied content from Zinrelo.

Iterable Integration

Step 4: Save the template. You can then use this template in the Journey that you create.

Create Journey Webhooks

Before creating a journey with Iterable, you have to setup a journey webhooks.

Let's assume, you want to award points to customers who have joined your new subscriber list. You can follow the following steps to create a journey webhook:

Step 1: Go to Integrations >> Journey Webhooks.

Step 2: Create a New Webhook.


Step 3: Enter the details:

  1. Name the webhook.

name the webhook

  1. Set 'Custom' as the destination.
  2. Define the endpoint.
Define the endpoint
  1. In custom headers, enter the API and Partner key of the Zinrelo store from where you want the data to be fetched.

custom headers

  1. Enter the required parameters.
required parameters

Note: The hardcore variables that Iterable supports should be added to the parameters.

Step 4: Click on Update Webhook.

Create Journeys in Iterable

Navigate to the ‘Workflow Triggers’ tab in the Zinrelo admin. Enable the emails that you want to send.

Workflow Triggers

Note: This will only start triggering the events in Iterable. The Journey needs to be created in Iterable separately.

  1. In your Iterable account, navigate to Messaging >> Journeys and create a new journey.

create new journey

  1. Once you click on the 'Create Journey' button, you will see a page to edit your workflow.

Create Journey

  1. To edit the workflow, double click on the 'API call' box. From the 'Entry Source' drop down, select ‘List subscribe’.

API call

  1. After customizing the node as per your needs with entry rules, lists, etc., click on 'Update.'
  2. Drag and drop the 'Call Webhook' and double click it to edit it. Select the webhook and click on 'Update.'

Call Webhook

  1. Finally, you have to send an email to customers about their new subscription and points earned. Drag and drop the email, double click it, and configure it.
  2. And Publish.