Campaign Configuration

This document will cover campaign types and their configuration.

The loyalty program campaigns promote a focused effort that guides customers towards a desired action. They help in building brand awareness and emotions around the product. Understanding this need for campaigns, we have come up with a guide that will provide you with a clear and concise approach towards creating a loyalty campaign through the Zinrelo Admin Console.

In this article, we will discuss the steps of configuring a loyalty campaign with Zinrelo Admin Console.

Create a Campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns and click on New Campaign.

Set up loyalty campaign

  1. There you will see two types of campaigns: static and recurring. You can select any one based on your requirements.

select campaign

  • Static Campaign: This campaign can only be triggered once a predetermined set of members matches the specified criteria.
  • Recurring Campaign: This campaign is triggered systematically based on a predefined schedule. The members enter and exit the campaigns automatically based on specified criteria.

Once you select the campaign type, let’s dig deeper into how to configure these campaigns.

How to configure Static Campaigns?

After selecting the Static campaign from the drop down, name the campaign, and click on Create.

new campaign

Once you are done with basic settings, you will see a ‘Static Campaigns’ configuration dashboard.

Step 1: Define your target audience

In this section, you can define the customer segments that will be part of the campaign. The segments will be defined on the basis of the in-built member attributes like enrollment date, available points, points expired, points redeemed, etc., and custom attributes that you create. You can further add multiple filters to create the target segment on the basis of match all, match any, or select all members. And then click on ‘Next.’

Define target audience

For instance: You want to create a campaign for the members whose available points are greater than 1000 and are in the silver tier.

campaign creation

Step 2: Select an action

Select the action that is to be performed on the specific set of members. And click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Next.’

Select an action

  • Upgrade Tier: Upgrade the user tier for a limited period of time. The tiers will downgrade at the end of the campaign.
  • Enable Special Reward: Rewards created in this campaign will be available only to segmented users for the duration of the campaign. You can also hide rewards from some set of members through "Manage Rules." Click here to know how to configure, manage, and hide rewards for specific members.

Note: The special rewards will be visible to everyone unless an exception rules are set.

  • Set Bonus Multiplier: This option awards bonus points over and above the points earned for the activity. A new bonus points transaction is created based on the rules set for the bonus multiplier. The bonus transaction can be conditionally created if the transaction meets certain criteria.
  • Add Bonus Points: This is the same as bonus multiplier where bonus points are earned over and above the points earned for the activity. The only difference is that the fixed bonus points can be added as soon as the campaign goes live without requiring any action from the members. Alternatively, it can be configured similar to the bonus multiplier action where members are required to perform a particular action to get the bonus points.

In bonus multiplier and bonus points actions, you can run campaigns on five activities: made a purchase, refer a friend, custom activity, write a review and submit a receipt activity.


Please Note:

The bonus points in the 'submit a receipt' activity will only be awarded after approval of the receipt.

  • No Action: No action will be taken for the segmented members.

For instance: You want to upgrade the members with more than 1000 points to Gold tier, you can select ‘Upgrade Tier’ action. The member will be upgraded to Gold tier for a certain period of time to enjoy all its benefits and have a taste of it.

Select an action

Step 3: Create New Notification

You can set an email or series of email notifications and a campaign webhook notifications to update your members about the campaign and the rewards. Click on ‘Create New Notification’ to edit and save the notification.

Create New Notification

Email Notification

There are a variety of customizations you can make to the email notifications, such as:

  • Subject: You can edit the subject line and make it appealing to your members.
  • Unsubscribe Text: The unsubscribed text can be edited.
  • Global Settings: You can check/uncheck the global settings you want to keep for your emails.
  • Delay: You can delay the email for a few days. This is helpful if you want to send a series of emails and you want to delay them as per the requirements. For example: You want the first email to be sent after a day when the campaign starts and the next email within the next 2 days.

Once you are done with your edits, click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Next.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Campaign Entered Webhook Notification

This setting will trigger a webhook when a member or members enter the campaign.


To set a webhook notification, you need to enter the name of the webhook (required) and event ID (optional).

Also, you have the option of delaying the webhook notification. This is helpful if you want to trigger a series of webhook notifications. The delay will be relative to the campaign launch date.


Campaign Exited Webhook Notification

This setting will trigger a webhook when a member or members exit the campaign.

Exited Webhook

To set a webhook notification, you need to enter the name of the webhook (required) and event ID (optional).

You can setup the exit webhook notification only once, hence there is no option of delaying the notification.

Exited Webhook

Before you trigger the campaign webhook notification, you need to enable the campaign webhook in the webhook settings.

For this go to Notifications >> Webhooks >> Settings.

To know more about webhook settings, click here.


The campaign webhook will be available only to those clients who have activated Zinrelo Webhook 2.0.

Step 4: Set Exit Criteria

In this step, you can set rules to exit members from the campaign and also define the actions that need to be taken as they exit the campaign.

Set Exit Criteria

1. Set Exit Criteria: The members will exit the campaign automatically once it ends. This is the default setting.

  1. You can exit members prematurely based on certain criteria: Certain number of days after they enter the campaign
  2. When members perform specific actions
  3. When members redeem specific rewards. You can exit members prematurely based on certain criteria - Certain number of days after they enter

Consider a campaign where you upgrade members of the silver tier to the gold tier for a period of 10 days. After the campaign ends, you would want to return the members to the tier that they belong to. Further, you may want to add a tag to these members to identify which of them were given a temporary upgrade.

Set Exit Criteria

Note: If you want to ‘award 2x bonus points’ on the purchase to members who join the loyalty program. Then, it will be calculated as: Base Value x 2, which is 100 x 2 = 200.

But, in the case of a campaign, when the members are upgraded to gold tier they are rewarded with 2x bonus points, then the bonus points are added to the base value.

Gold tier rewards in Campaign- (2 x Base Value) + Base Value, which is (2 x 100) + 100 = 300

2. Set Exit Actions: These are the actions to be taken when members exit the campaign.

  1. Repeal the incentive given to the members.
    1. Downgrade to the appropriate tier in case of a tier upgrade campaign.
    2. Deduct unused points from the member account in case of a bonus points campaign.
    3. Disable a special reward if members had access to that reward in the campaign.
  2. Add a tag to members exiting the campaign.
  3. Remove a tag from members exiting the campaign.

Set Exit Criteria

Once you set the exit criteria, click on Save and then Next.

Step 5: Review and Publish

In this step, you can review the campaign you have set; make edits and publish.

Review and Publish

This step is further divided into three steps:

Step 5.1: Review campaign configuration: You can review your selected criteria and can make edits if any changes are required.

Step 5.2: Schedule the campaign: Here you can set the Campaign Start Date and Campaign End Date. Once you set the date, click on Update.

Review and Publish

Step 5.3: Publish the campaign: You can now publish your campaign which will be triggered as per your scheduled date.

Review and Publish

Note: Once a campaign goes live, it cannot be modified or deleted.

How to configure the Recurring Campaign?

Setting up the campaign again and again can be a tedious task. So, anytime you feel like the static campaign can be set at a regular interval of time on specified members, you can use a recurring campaign.

For example, you can run the same campaign of upgrading the members to gold tiers using a recurring campaign. All exit rules will be the same. As long as the set actions are performed, the member will be exited from the campaign.

Step 1: Set a schedule

The configuration steps of a recurring campaign are almost the same as for static, but in recurring you get the option of setting the time of triggering the campaign and recurrence schedule.

Set a schedule

There are a variety of customizations you can make in defining the interval of the campaign:

  • Set the hours: You can set the hours of the day when the campaign will be triggered.
  • Set the recurrence schedule: You can set the recurrence of the campaign in days, weeks, months, or years. The campaign will be repeated with the specified set of members as per the schedule set by you.
  • Timezone: You can choose a timezone from the drop down menu and schedule your campaigns accordingly.

Follow the other steps to complete the configuration.

Step 2: Choose Target Audience
Step 3: Select an Action
Step 4: Configure Notification
Step 5: Exit Criteria
Step 6: Review & Publish

Point Expiration in Campaign

Points awarded through campaigns can have their own expiration setting. When you select either the "Set Bonus Multiplier" or "Add Bonus Points" action in campaign configuration, you have the option to override the global settings of point expiration.

To do this, simply enable the "Enable Expiry Override" setting and select the expiration period.

Point Expiration

To know more about point expiration setting, click here.