Zinrelo Integration Framework

Enabling Third-Party Integrations and Workflow Automation


The Zinrelo Integration Framework (ZIF) is an online automation tool designed to streamline the connection and integration of third-party applications with Zinrelo. It serves as the intermediary between Zinrelo and external platforms, functioning as middleware responsible for handling the necessary data transformations essential for linking the two systems through the use of APIs and webhooks.

ZIF automates workflows and processes by responding to specific events or actions within one application and promptly triggering actions in another application.

ZIF Integration

Apart from integrating third-party applications with ZIF for smooth data exchange, we are using ZIF to create workflows and address custom use cases for our clients. ZIF serves as a versatile tool that not only enables data transfer but also empowers us to create customized solutions for our clients, ensuring their unique requirements are met effectively.

With ZIF, you can create custom workflows that go beyond basic integrations. If you have unique use cases you'd like us to configure, please share the list with us at [email protected].

ZIF workflow

An example of a workflow set up for Drip integration using the Zinrelo Integration Framework

ZIF Components

ZIF relies on three components for setting up integrations. These are explained in the following sections:


Any tool or platform that needs to be integrated using ZIF needs an ‘App’ created within ZIF first. An app contains the definitions of ‘Events’ (Webhooks) and ‘Actions’ (APIs) that the platform provides. The definition of an event contains the structure of the webhook response. The definition of an action contains the structure of the API request. These definitions are used in other sections of ZIF to enable integrations.


When we have created the apps for two applications, we can create a ‘Connector’ for the two platforms. The connector houses all the required workflows that determine how and when data will be exchanged between the two applications. Each workflow corresponds to a use case for the integration.

For instance, for the ‘Order Created’ event on an eCommerce platform, the ‘Award Points’ action in Zinrelo will be called. This will be one of the many workflows in the connector for the eCommerce platform and Zinrelo.


Account configuration

The apps contain the definitions of actions and events, and the connectors have an exhaustive list of use cases for different event and action combinations.

Not all use cases may be applicable to everyone. In the account configuration, one can select which of the workflows in the connector need to be enabled for that account.

account configuration

ZIF Applications

ZIF has enabled a variety of custom workflows for our customers some of which are highlighted below:

  1. Award 2x points for a product category during a one-week campaign, which are to expire after a custom expiry period.
  2. Award a bonus multiplier on the purchase of a specific product, which should not result in a tier upgrade.
  3. Award bonus points when members achieve a higher tier.

Additionally, ZIF has enabled integration with various third-party platforms used by our customers to automate their business workflows end-to-end. A few examples are listed below:

Ecommerce Platforms

ESP/Email Marketing

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Drip
  • Sailthru
  • Attentive


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