Custom Activity Integration via Batch Mode

With this article, learn how to award points for offline purchases.

Batch Mode Integration is a convenient way to award points for offline custom activities such as entering a store, running 10K etc. Please familiarize yourself with Batch Mode Integration before proceeding with this article.

To award points for any offline custom activity other than a purchase, you must upload the following custom file to the designated FTP Server in CSV format.

This file is described in detail below.

Custom Offline Activity File (required)

This file contains details about each custom offline activity, other than purchases, for which points are to be awarded. If points are to be awarded for multiple custom activities, all such activities should be combined into this single file before uploading.

Thus, this file may contain multiple activity IDs. A pre-requisite is that a custom activity corresponding to each activity ID has been configured and made live in the Zinrelo console. The activity ID will be used to associate the award transaction with an activity. Points will be awarded based on the rules configured in the Zinrelo Admin Console.

The naming convention for this file is ZN_ACTIVITY_YYYYMMDD.csv. For example, a file with orders for April 27, 2017 should be named ZN_ACTIVITY_20170426.csv.

The fields contained in this CSV file are described in the table below:

Custom Activity Integration

A sample file named ZN_ACTIVITY_20170426.csv is included for your reference at the end of this help article.

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