Anniversary Bonus

This article describes how points can be awarded on anniversaries to members signed in to the loyalty program.

Where will I get this information from?

There are two ways to do it:

Option 1: Information can be passed to Zinrelo via an API. The anniversary date will be stored within Zinrelo and the activity will get triggered on that date.


Option 2: Request members to add it on the End-user Dashboard.

The anniversary information is collected in the Zinrelo loyalty dashboard. No information will need to be passed on to Zinrelo using this option.

On clicking on the Anniversary Bonus Tile >> A pop-up will appear asking you for your anniversary date.

Anniversary BonusAnniversary Bonus

Once this information is entered, Zinrelo will award points to the member every year on his/her anniversary.

What settings can I make?

Go to: Program Settings >> Activities >> Click on Anniversary edit icon >> Enable the toggle

Anniversary BonusAnniversary Bonus


Points: Number of points to be awarded when an account is created.

Approval type: You can set the approval of point allocation in different ways. It could be:

    1. Immediately
    2. Manually ( where admin manually approves the request)
    3. After a fixed duration: Admin can set up a fixed duration of days after which the point will get approved automatically.

Activity Template for the dashboard: This box should be checked to display this activity on the End-user dashboard or it will be hidden.

Anniversary BonusAnniversary Bonus
  • Activity ID: This field cannot be edited for the in-built activities. For custom activities, this field acts as a reference in the API call.

  • Show activity in User Dashboard: You can opt if you want to display this activity on the End-user dashboard or hide it.

Text Configuration

The admin can set up the text for the activity. This text will be displayed to the end-user via the onsite notification OR end-user dashboard.

Manage Rules

One rule with the frequency once a year is hardcoded in the system.

Anniversary BonusAnniversary Bonus

Awarding points to members every year is like saying a 'Thank you' for being a part of your business.