Managing Coupon Codes

In this article, you will learn how to manage your codes.

Coupon-based redemption includes any reward that involves giving the customer a coupon code in return for available points.

Here is a quick video to understand how to manage coupon codes:

Important Note: The codes have to be generated on your platform ahead of time and uploaded to the redemption option. These codes have to be valid on your platform. Zinrelo will simply dispense the codes to the customers who redeem them.

The ‘Manage Codes’ section allows you to view all the codes uploaded for redemption and their issued and redeemed date.

manage codes

To add a new batch of coupon codes, click on the ‘Add New’ button and add the new codes (one per line). You can simply paste a spreadsheet column containing all the codes. Each coupon code should be unique.


In the event that there are no more codes to give out, the reward option pauses automatically. It works differently for different plugins. Please refer to the integration document.

Please Note:

The "Redeemed On" data, which indicates the date and time when a coupon code was redeemed, is only accessible when the coupon codes are passed through the Award API within our system. 

To display the "Redeemed On" data accurately, it is essential that the coupon codes be known and registered within the Zinrelo system. Hence, you have to provide us with the coupon codes information, allowing us to track and record the redemption details effectively.