Configuring Email Notifications

This document explains email notifications and their configuration.

The Zinrelo Rewards Program has built-in notifications to increase customer engagement with the program.

The built-in email notifications and necessary settings are available under the Notifications tab in the left navigation panel. The notifications have been grouped under categories. Refer to the screenshot attached below:

Email notification configuration

Configuring Email notifications in Zinrelo involves three steps -

  • Set up a custom email address to send email notifications via Zinrelo (Recommended)
  • Setting up the global header, footer, and color theme for the email notifications. (Required)
  • Configure the content of the email notifications that you wish to send via Zinrelo (Required)

Setting up Global Header, Footer, and Color Theme

Note: If your account was created after Dec 1, 2020, then this functionality will be enabled for you automatically. Otherwise, you will need to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or write to us at [email protected] requesting to enable the global email settings for your account.

There are several such email notifications that are sent to customers based on certain triggers defined by Zinrelo. In order to save you the hassle of configuring the header and footer for each of these emails, Zinrelo provides you the option to set a global header and footer for all the emails in one place.

You can then choose to include or exclude this header and footer in individual emails depending on your preference.

Step 1: Click on the Global Settings button on the email notifications page.

global settings

Step 2: On the Global Settings page, you can select the fill color, stroke color, header, and footer.

You can click on the color input text box to bring up the color palette and set the color of your choice >> Save

Email Notifications


email template

If you wish to apply the stroke color and fill color to any other elements, you can add the below CSS classes for those HTML elements and those elements will start using the color theme that you defined in the global settings.


You can use the Preview button to preview the changes you have done to the email. If you wish to see how the email looks like in your inbox, you can use the Send Test Email functionality and send a test email to your email address.

Step 3: You can click the Edit button to configure the header and footer that you’d want for your email notifications. Clicking on Edit Header/Edit Footer will open up the HTML editor.

HTML editor

The header and footer are entirely HTML configurable. However, If you wish to simply change the image, click on the image and then click on the “Replace” icon to upload a new image (980 x 220px)

Switch back to Preview mode to preview your changes before saving.

Configure the content of the email notifications

There are various types of email notifications Zinrelo provides which are entirely HTML configurable. You can edit the ones you wish to use and pause the others.

When you start configuring individual email notifications, you’ll see options to either include the global settings or exclude them. You can disable the flag against each of the three options - color theme, header, and footer in the ‘Global Settings’ section in the individual email notification as shown below.

configure Email Notifications

Zinrelo has a default content set for each of these email notifications. If you wish to change the content of the email, you can either use the editor and change the text or switch to HTML view to make the HTML changes. Each email notification allows you to insert some dynamic content in the email through the use of some variables (available in the “Insert Variable Tags” dropdown).

To know about language customization, refer to this document.

If you do not like the card view for rewards in the default Zinrelo email notifications, you can design your own HTML using the custom HTML tags. To know more click here.