Listrak Integration

Send loyalty program emails through your Listrak account.

If you use Listrak for marketing emails, you can now send loyalty program-related emails through your Listrak account instead of through Zinrelo. By integrating Zinrelo and your Listrak account, you can manage unsubscribes in a single place and leverage Listrak's capabilities to set up workflows for better customer engagement.

This article explains the steps you need to take to integrate Zinrelo and Listrak.

Generate your Listrak Client ID and Client Secret

Login to your Listrak account and navigate to Integrations. Click on the 'Integrations Management' and choose the 'Email API' integration and then click on 'Setup Integration.

integration management
  1. Give a name to your integration such as 'Zinrelo Integration'.
  2. Enable the four access levels - List, Contact, Event, Segmentation
  3. Contact [email protected] to get a list of IP addresses that you will have to whitelist in Listrak.

Note: Below is the list of IPs to be Whitelisted


Note: The client secret is displayed only once. If you have not noted it, you will have to redo the integration.

Listrak Integration

Update the Listrak Client ID and Client Secret in Zinrelo

Login to your Zinrelo account and navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Listrak. Update the Client ID and Client Secret generated in the previous step in Zinrelo.

Listrak settings

The moment the details are saved in Zinrelo following actions will be done -

  1. A list by the name 'Zinrelo Loyalty List' is automatically created in Listrak. This can be viewed by navigating to Contacts >> List Manager.

Note: By default, the newly created list won't be visible to you. You need to ask your Listrak admins (users having admin access to Listrak account) to provide access to Zinrelo Loyalty list.

listrak dashboard

  1. External Event IDs are created in Listrak. These events are the triggers from Zinrelo which you can use to send out program-related emails. To view these events navigate to Help & Support >> API ID information.
  1. New fields are created for users in Listrak. These fields can be viewed just below the external events that are created. Whenever the user details are updated in Zinrelo they will automatically be updated in Listrak.

The integration does not automatically update historical data for users in Zinrelo. So for the first sync, export the member's data from Zinrelo and manually update it in the Listrak list.

Note: When you update the access token, Zinrelo emails will be disabled. Be prepared to configure the emails through Listrak when this switch is made.

Explanation of Events created in Listrak

Listrak Integration

Explanation of Fields created in Listrak

Sending loyalty program notification emails from Listrak

You can use Listrak conversations to send emails based on triggers from Zinrelo.
Automation >> Conductor >> Conversations


To set up an automated email, create a new conversation and give it an easily identifiable name.


Click on the 'Trigger' node and the list of external events will be displayed. Select the appropriate event for that email. For example, if you want to set up the email that is sent to customers who are identified for the 'Winback' campaign, you will use the event 'Winback Award'.

external events

Configure the email message that you want to send and then publish the conversation.

You can create more detailed workflows in Listrak to send separate emails to members of different tiers for the same action. To notify members about available rewards, you can create parallel flows for the same action based on the available points of the member. (Available points will determine which rewards the member will be eligible for).

Recommended Emails

Now that you know how to send out loyalty program emails through Listrak, here is a list of emails we recommend setting up.

Referral Emails

  1. Email to members soliciting referrals: Periodically, you can solicit referrals from your customers by asking them to share their unique referral link with friends. To update the referral link in emails, you can use the Referral URL field in the Listrak email template.

  2. Email Invitation to Friends: Members can also refer friends through the refer-a-friend activity in the loyalty dashboard. In these cases, they have an option to update their friend email addresses in the dashboard and an email is supposed to be sent to the friend on behalf of the member. To set this up, you can create a workflow that listens to the Referral Friend Invitation event and sends out the invitation email to the friend from Listrak. The invitation email template can reference the referrer details through the fields 'Referred by' and 'Referrer Email'.

Reward Emails

  1. Rewards reminder: It is always a good idea to remind members about the rewards that they are eligible for. Zinrelo will trigger the event 'Eligible Rewards' once a month for all customers who are eligible for any of the rewards in the program. You can either use this trigger or set up your own workflows that remind customers from time to time about the rewards that they are eligible for.

To setup Reward List email, click here.

  1. Reward acknowledgment: After a member has successfully redeemed a reward, Zinrelo will trigger the 'Default Coupon Reward' event. The corresponding email template can include the following fields:
  • 'Redeemed Reward Name' to show the name of the reward
  • 'Reward Points Used' to show the points redeemed
  • 'Redeemed Reward Code' to show the coupon code issued.

Points Info Emails

  1. Points earned email: Whenever members earn points for any activity, Zinrelo will trigger the 'Points Earned' event. The email template can use the following variables.
  • 'Recent Activity Completed' to show the activity for which points were earned.
  • 'Points Current Activity' to show points earned for the activity
  • 'Points Available' to show available points. Based on the available points if eligible rewards can be communicated in the same email, the engagement will be higher.
  1. Points expiration: Based on the expiration settings in Zinrelo, Zinrelo will trigger the 'Points Expiration' event. Members can be notified about the approaching expiry date by using the variable 'Points Expiry Date'. This date is always in the UTC timezone.

  2. Win-back email: Zinrelo has a built-in win-back activity, where inactive members are identified and a win-back offer is rolled out to them. The trigger to send out the email in the 'Winback Award' event. The win-back offer usually is a fixed number of bonus points and the offer has limited validity. To communicate the date till which the offer is valid use the variable 'Winback Expiry Date'.

Tier Update Emails

Tier upgrade email: Whenever members move up to a higher tier, Zinrelo will trigger the event 'Tier Upgrade'. Let the members know the benefits that they have unlocked as part of the higher tier. The workflow should include a separate email for each tier. The user tier can be checked in the filters using the field 'Current Tier'. At the time of upgrade, this field will be updated to the new tier.

Monthly Statement

To spread awareness and engage users, a monthly summary of the members' loyalty account goes a long way. This email can include their available points, the rewards that they are eligible for, the tier that they belong to and the benefits of their current tier.

Listrak Variables

Common Fields that can be used in all email notifications.

Note: The following table has the attributes which can be used in any email notification sent via Listrak.

Attribute NameDescriptionExample
User NameFull name of the userJohn Doe
Date of BirthDate of birth03/26/1991 /(mm/dd/yyyy)
Current TierUser Loyalty TierGold
Opted OutIs the member opted in/opted outTrue/False
User StatusStatus of a user in Zinrelo systemActive/Deleted/Blocked
Points availableTotal Points available for the user1000
Phone numberPhone number of the user98775643256
Referral CodeReferral code of the userV1B1HGFR
Referral URLReferral URL of the user
Points RedeemedTotal Points redeemed by the user100
Points expiredTotal Points expired for the user200
Points EarnedTotal Points earned by the user2000
Preferred languageSelected language by the userEnglish

Event wise attributes available:

Type of email: Referral Notification

Name of the email notification: Default Email Invitation to Friends

Event NameField NameDescription
Referral Friend InvitationReferral CodeReferral code of the user
Referred ByReferrer name
Referrer EmailReferrer email ID
Referral URLReferral URL of the user

Name of the email notification: Default Coupon Award email to Referrer

Event NameField NameDescription
Referral Coupon AwardRedeemed Reward CodeRewards code redeemed by user (Reused field)

Name of the email notification: Friend incentive email notification

Event NameField NameDescription
Referred Friend IncentiveRedeemed Reward CodeRewards code redeemed by user (Reused field)
Referral CodeReferral code of the user
Referred ByReferrer name
Referrer EmailReferrer email ID
Referral URLReferral URL of the user

Name of the email notification: Not eligible for coupon notification

Event NameField NameDescription
Not eligible for Referred Friend IncentiveReferral CodeReferral code of the user
Referred ByReferrer name
Referrer EmailReferrer email ID
Referral URLReferral URL of the user

Type of email: Reward Notification

Name of the email notification: Default Coupon Reward Email

Event NameField NameDescription
Default Coupon RewardRedeemed Reward CodeRewards code redeemed by the user (Reused field)
Redeemed Reward NameRewards redeemed by the user (Reused field)
Reward Points UsedPoints redeemed by the user (Reused field)

Name of the email notification: Rewards within reach notification/Eligible rewards list notification

Event NameField NameDescription
Eligible RewardsNANA

Since list fields are not supported in Listrak. So we can achieve this by creating a dynamic content area in the listrak. You can create a dynamic content area with the help of users' available points and which rewards will be available with those many points. Here are some screenshots which might help you.

Listrak Integration

Listrak Integration

Type of email: Award Notifications

Name of the email notification: Default Points Expired Email

Event NameField NameDescription
Points ExpirationPoints Current ActivityPoints earned for current activity ( Reused Field)
Points Expiry DatePoints expiry date

Name of the email notification: Send notification for win back bonus

Event NameField NameDescription
Winback AwardWinback Expiry DateWinback expiry date
Points Current ActivityPoints earned for the activity if performed

Name of the email notification: Default Points Earned Email

Event NameField NameDescription
Points EarnedPoints Current ActivityPoints earned for the activity
Recent Activity CompletedRecent activity done) Reused field)

Type of email: Tier Notifications

Name of the email notification: Tier Upgrade Notification

Event NameField NameDescription
Tier UpgradeCurrent TierUser Loyalty Tier
Points Expiry DateDate when points expire

Can Zinrelo integrate with multiple lists?

Yes, Zinrelo can be integrated with multiple lists. For more details, reach out to your account manager at [email protected].