Zinrelo Admin Console Walk-through

This document will give you a high level overview of Zinrelo's admin console.

Here is a brief description of each section of the admin console:

HOME: Till your program is launched, this will show you a checklist and a 'Launch Now' button. Post launch, you will see some metrics about the program.

MEMBERS: This tab shows you a list of all enrolled members which can be exported to a csv file. You can search for an individual member to see the person's past transactions and award or deduct points manually.

PROGRAM SETTINGS: This section has the configuration settings for the main program components, such as:

  • Activities: You can set up activities that earn points for customers along with any specific rules of bonus points or exclusions.
  • Rewards: You can setup rewards that customers get with their earned points.
  • Tiers: Create tiers in the program to reward higher spenders with better rewards
  • Points Expiration: Configure the expiration settings for points that customers earn.

Here you can get a high level summary about the program or even a detailed data dump of all transactions in a selected date range.

In this section you can setup the on-site & email notifications. These notifications are what drive customer engagement with the program.

Customize the dashboard and the call to action buttons to match your website and brand.

If you have set up any activity for 'manual approval' or 'delayed approval' the points will be kept in a pending status and you can approve or reject such transactions from the Moderation section.


  • Settings: This tab has some general settings related to your store like your store name, program name and URL, the email address that will be used to send out notifications, opt out settings and the batch mode settings.
  • Apps: Here you will find all apps that can we integrated with Zinrelo to enhance contact profiles with rich loyalty data.
  • Billing: Here you can see your billing plan and past charges.
  • Integration: Here you will find your integration Javascripts along with the instructions to set them up.
  • Administrators: You can invite others as account admins through this tab. You can also adjust their access levels.
  • Audit Trail: This tab shows you the history of all changes made to your account settings, including points that were manually added to any customer's account.

Note: Separate documents are available for details on each component of the program.