Zinrelo Admin Console Walk-through

This document will give you a high level overview of Zinrelo's admin console.

The Zinrelo Admin Console has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for businesses to run their loyalty program.

Some of the key modules include:


Members are the heart of the Zinrelo loyalty program.The success of Zinrelo's loyalty program is largely dependent on the participation and engagement of its members. Without members, the loyalty program would not exist, and the program's benefits and rewards would go unused.

The "Members" enables businesses to manage their loyalty program members, including adding new members, updating member information, and tracking member activity.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to use the Members Module.

Program Settings

Program settings assist in creating and managing your loyalty program. It helps in setting up activities, rewards, managing tiers, and defining point expiration. The module includes:


In this module, you can define the various activities that will earn points for your members. Some examples are making a purchase, writing a review of a product, or referring a friend to your business. You can set different point values for different activities and also specify any rules or restrictions that apply to each activity.

Refer to this document to learn more about program activities. And to learn how to configure program activities, click here.


This module allows you to create and manage the rewards that your members can redeem using their loyalty points. Rewards can take various forms, such as discounts on future purchases, free products or services, or exclusive access to events or promotions. You can set different point values for different rewards, and also specify any rules or restrictions that apply to each reward.

To learn how to configure program rewards, click here.


With this module, you can set up multiple tiers within your loyalty program to reward members who reach certain levels of spending or engagement.

For more information on how to configure ties, click here.

Point Expiration

This module lets you decide when loyalty points will expire. This can encourage members to use their points as soon as possible. You can specify a time period after which points will expire or set rules based on inactivity or other factors. This helps to ensure that your loyalty program remains an effective tool for member retention and engagement.

For more information on how to configure this, click here.


Here you can get a high level summary about the program or even a detailed data dump of all transactions in a selected date range.

Now you can create customize reports. To know more, click here.


Notifications are an important part of the Zinrelo loyalty program for keeping your members interested and up-to-date. By customizing your notifications to match your brand and user experience, you can enhance the overall effectiveness of your loyalty program and drive more member loyalty and engagement. This module includes:

Email Notifications

In the Zinrelo admin console, email notifications are the messages that are sent to your members to let them know about their loyalty program activities, like when they earn and spend points, reach new tiers, and so on. These email notifications can be customized to match your brand and to provide a consistent user experience for your customers.

To know more about its configuration, click here.


A webhook is a way for two systems to communicate with each other through an HTTP request. In the context of Zinrelo, a webhook is a URL endpoint that you can provide to get updates about your loyalty program in real time.

Once you've set up a webhook in the Zinrelo admin console, you'll get updates about your loyalty program in real time at the URL endpoint you choose.

To know more about its configuration, click here.

Onsite Notifications

These notifications are shown to members on the website when they perform any of the rewards program-related actions. To configure these notifications, click here.


In the Zinrelo admin console, the Design module gives you a set of tools and features that you can use to design your loyalty program and change how it looks so that it fits your brand and improves the user experience. With the Design module, you can easily create and manage various loyalty program components, such as the user dashboard, color scheme, and user interface elements.

This module includes:

Widget and Notification

When you set up your loyalty program in Zinrelo, you can enable the end-user dashboard, which is a widget that can be embedded on your website and allows your customers to access their loyalty program information and point balance.

Zinrelo gives the end-user dashboard a number of ways to be changed, including the ability to choose how it looks on both desktop and mobile devices. This lets you give your members a smooth and easy-to-use experience, no matter what device they are using.

Click here for its configuration.

User Dashboard

Zinrelo provides the User Dashboard module, which allows you to configure and customize the user dashboard that your members can access to view their loyalty program information, points balance, rewards, and other program details. Here is the document to configure the user dashboard.

Referral Pop-up

Using this module, you can design the landing page popup that will be shown when a friend lands on your site using a referral post.

Embedded UI Elements

This module will help you create a CTA button for your website to guide users towards your goal conversion. For more information, click here.


This module can be used to track point and receipt moderation. The module includes:

Point Activity

Here you can track the point activity.

Receipt Moderation

The receipt moderation in Zinrelo allows you to offer points to your loyalty program members for uploading images of their receipts for purchases they have made in-store or online. For more information, click here.



This tab has some general settings related to your store like your store name, program name and URL, the email address that will be used to send out notifications, opt out settings and the batch mode settings.


Here you will find all apps that can we integrated with Zinrelo to enhance contact profiles with rich loyalty data.


Here you can see your billing plan and past charges.


Here you will find your integration JavaScript's along with the instructions to set them up.


You can invite others as account admins through this tab. You can also adjust their access levels.


Please Note: The API key will only be visible to administrators with full access.

Audit Trail

This tab shows you the history of all changes made to your account settings, including points that were manually added to any customer's account.

Note: Separate documents are available for details on each component of the program.

To know more about adding Admin and giving access to admin, please refer to this document.

Note: Only full access admin can add admins.