Configuring Store Settings

This article is intended to help the administrators configure the store settings in the admin console.

Store Settings include your e-store related information for your end-customer.

To configure the store settings, navigate to the General tab, and click on Settings.

Below is the description of individual fields that fall under this category:

  • Store Name: This is the name of your store that will be visible to your end customers.
  • Store URL: This is the web address of your online store and needs to be duly updated during the transition of the program from the testing to the production environment.
  • Partner ID: This is one of the two unique identifiers of your account and is used in various integrations.
  • API Key: This is the other identifier and is used in integrations as well as authentications (eg: Checksum authentication - add link).
  • Store Currency: Here you choose the currency that you deal in. For a multi-currency store, please contact Zinrelo support.
  • Store Login URL: This is the web address where the customer can log in to their loyalty program. This can be the same URL as for your website login page in case of auto-enrollment upon user account creation.
  • Store Sign Up URL: This is the web address where the customer enrolls for the loyalty program. Just like Store login URL, we can use the website account creation URL unless there is a case of explicit login to the program.
  • Support Email Address: This is the email address your customers will send their queries to regarding the loyalty program. You can create a separate email address or simply use the standard support one.

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