Creating a New Member

How to manually create / enroll a member in the loyalty program from within Zinrelo.

Members are the end-user customers who are a part of the loyalty program. There are various ways to import a member into the system based on the situation.

How can I create a new member profile?

Log into your Zinrelo Admin console >> Go to Members >> Click on Add Member button.

add member

On clicking on the add button you will see a pop up that will ask you for member details like:

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Member ID/ User ID

Please Note: If email address is used as the primary identifier, then providing an email address will be mandatory. If not in that case member ID will be mandatory.

Add the details >> Click on Save.


Please note: If you have set an account creation activity that rewards points to members. Creating members manually will also award them points directly.

What information can I find under the member profile?

When you click on a member profile on the right side you will see member personal details and on the left side you will see loyalty program details:

member profile

Member details: This includes-

  • Personal member details: This includes name, email address, DOB, and other generic information.
  • Points details: It provides information about the points earned by the loyalty program
  • Purchase details: This includes the details of any purchases made by the member. It will be logged for each member to get a better idea of that member's contribution.
  • Referral Details: If you are using the Refer-a-friend activity, this section will give you the member’s stats on any referral performed

Loyalty Details: This includes-

  • Points earned activity: Any points earned by the member and the associated activity details are listed.
  • Reward history: Any rewards redeemed by the member will be listed down in this section
  • Deduct History: Any deduct history of the point earned will be listed down.
  • In short, any transactional details associated with the specific member will be displayed in the member profile section.

Note: When the email address is used as the primary identifier, the User ID is visible in the member profile.