Friend Referral Flow

To understand the complete technical flow of Refer A Friend Activity

Here is a quick video explaining the Friend Referral flow:

Whenever a customer creates a new account in your store, they're automatically enrolled into the loyalty program as well. Zinrelo then generates a unique referral link for that customer which can be accessed from the User Dashboard.

This unique link can be shared by the customer with their friends. When anyone of their friends clicks on the link, they land up on your website. While all this happens, Zinrelo tracks the unique link and drops a cookie on the referred friend's computer with the referrer's information.

The referred friend then has to create an account in your store and they will automatically be enrolled into the loyalty program. At this point, the friend will be assigned as someone who is referred by the referrer. This information will be saved at Zinrelo's end. In case the friend is an existing customer, he/she will not be assigned as the referrer's friend.

Later on, if the referred friend goes ahead and makes a purchase, the referrer gets points for this activity. This happens because when the referred friend reaches the Order Confirmation page, the Purchase Tracking JavaScript is present over there. In that, the information of the customer's referrer exists, so the referrer gets his share of points. In case the customer was not referred by anyone, that information will remain empty.