List all Transactions with Zinrelo Generated Member ID

This API endpoint returns a list of all transactions for a loyalty member. By default, the transactions are returned sorted by created_date.

Note: You can get a Zinrelo Generated ID through the Create a Loyalty Member API and the List Members API. It is the unique ID that every member is associated with.

Note: In the case of "submit_a_receipt" activity, the response will show "receipt_uid" in the "additional_data" field.


This is the latest version of the List User transactions API. If you are still using the older version, click here.

If you intend to use the status and point_status parameters together, consider the following guidelines:

  • For the “approved” status, you can examine point statuses such as "approved," "redeemed," "deducted," "expired," or "auto-approved."
  • For the “pending” status, you can to review point statuses like “redemption_pending,” “redemption_cancelled,” “pending_deduction,” and or “pending."
  • For the “rejected” status, you can check for “auto_rejected” or “rejected” point status.
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