Get Eligible Rewards with Zinrelo Generated Member ID

This API endpoint returns a list of all the rewards a member is eligible for. The URL expects that the system calling the API knows what the id is- which means they’d have to store the id at their end. The ID will be Zinrelo Generated ID.

Note: You can get a Zinrelo Generated ID through the Create a Loyalty Member API and the List Members API. It is the unique ID that every member is associated with.

You can pass transaction attributes in Get Eligible Rewards with Zinrelo Generated Member ID API to filter rewards based on transaction attributes. By leveraging this functionality, you can manage and retrieve rewards that are most relevant to your needs. To know more, click here.

Please Note: Rewards will not be displayed for users who have opted out.


This is the latest version of the Get Eligible Rewards API. If you are still using the older version, click here.


Please Note:

The attribute "eligible_tiers_list" has been deprecated from API response. Any new tiers that are added will not show up in this list.

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