Fetch Potential Points API

As customers add products to their cart and proceed to the checkout page, enhancing their experience involves providing information that they will earn loyalty rewards points upon completing the order. To achieve this, consider utilizing the Fetch Potential Points API, which enables the retrieval of potential points for a given set of products.

For more details on this, refer to API Authentication.

How potential points are calculated?

Potential points represent the total points a member can earn when making a purchase, calculated based on both base points and applicable business rules. Let's consider a scenario where a customer purchases two products, Product 1 and Product 2.

The base points for purchase_on_website activity are set at 10. Additionally, a business rule is applied on Product 2 to award "3x bonus points". Here's the calculation breakdown:

For Product 1:
Amount spent: 100
Base points: 10
Product points: 100 (spent on the product) x 10 (base points) = 1000

For Product 2:
Amount spent: 200
Base points with 3x bonus: 10 (as 3x is to be awarded on the base points) x 3 = 30
Product points: 200 (spent on the product) x 30 (base points with 3x bonus) = 6000

Therefore, the total potential points for the purchase would be the sum of the product points for each product: 1000 (Product 1) + 6000 (Product 2) = 7000.

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